YouTube Kinda Sucks Right Now…

Youtube has really been messing things up for everyone lately.

With their newest batch of guidelines, it’s been officially established that Youtube just really hates video games.

Nah, I know they know that that’s where the majority of the views come from.

But seriously, s**t’s just hitting the fan every time Youtube comes out and opens their mouth. With these new guidelines, any Youtuber who puts out a video containing a series of actions that are excessively violent, cannot be monetized.

One thing to keep in mind here, is that this is only for uploaded videos, livestreams are still okay and won’t be demonetized for this content.

But what about the content! I mean, you realize what falls under this, don’t you? That’s right, basically every video game that exists right now. Or at the very least (and this still sucks big) the entire community around Call of Duty videos is well on their way to being vanquished from this realm. And there are still a lot of guys who make a decent living off making funny or hardcore CoD videos, there’s still a pretty large demand for it.

Now, I know that there are ways of getting more money by contracting with other websites, but Youtube ad revenue is still the bread and butter of many an income. And I was twelve once, I was subscribed to five or six different channels that were mainly focused around CoD, mainly Zombies because that was the s**t that really interested me.

It kind of falls into the same category that Minecraft does, in that both of these created a revolution in the video-creating…er…trade I guess. With these things, anyone with a keyboard and a mouse can pirate Fraps and upload a ten-minute video with them squeaking through a can with a string attached to it. Now, there are a lot of ways in which that is a terrible thing, but really it helps more than it hurts.

Five or seven years ago, people were flooding Youtube posting whatever came out of their a*s so that they could be noticed and make money by basically doing nothing. Though it was the people who actually took pride and effort in what they did who succeeded. Of course, you have your twelve-year-olds who are playing on their parent’s computer using horrible audio settings, but you don’t have to look at those videos when you can gaze upon something that someone actually put effort into. I remember the cool CoD channels, Syndicate, Yoteslaya, AliA…

It really allowed for anyone with a dream to attempt to make it a reality. Kind of like the layman’s version of America’s got Talent.

But the big point here is, the guidelines are bad. But I can’t really complain about Youtube considering this is mainly companies saying they won’t advertise if this kind of content exists. And since every person with a phone is still uploading videos, Youtube needs all the ads it can get to keep up with the impossible demand that’s being created for them.

But there should at least be an exception for digital representations of violence, right? I mean, maybe there could be a bar, but it’s not entirely fair to generalize what is probably half of what people search for on Youtube. It’s like saying they won’t advertise Pepsi in the middle of a Saw marathon on TV, it makes no sense and it’s not like you’re advocating the kind of content that exists around the time that you want to tell people to buy Pepsi.

It’s as if these companies don’t realize how many people watch these videos, and they’re not serial killers, they’re twelve-year-olds who are more likely to waste their money on stupid things that are advertised in front of Youtube videos. Consider this an open complaint to how the system works…I don’t know who to complain to for this.

Also, take this as one of the reasons we’re personally not rushing towards Youtube right now. What do you think? Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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