Xbox One Dashboard Finally Gets A Speed Boost

Microsoft has just released a new UI for the Xbox One, and this time it’s been optimized for speed.

The UI as a whole has now been cleaned up, with a smaller icon for game launch and options to get into the game’s community, view achievements, interact with your club and more. Also, where before if you wanted to switch games or switch apps you had to go all the way back to the menu which would lag and bog down the system, Microsoft has now created a simpler Xbox One guide which comes up when you push the Xbox button. The menu comes up as a sidebar and you can cycle through options like messages, achievements, music, friends, and recently played games.

There’s also some minor things that were added, like copilot controller support where two people with two controllers can play one game, Cortana support, and screen time, a feature that can be set up to allow a timed gaming session for any profile on the Xbox.

And finally, in addition to all this, Microsoft has now officially launched their own streaming platform, Beam Streaming. It’s essentially just Twitch but by Microsoft. They developed it so that streaming could be much easier on the Xbox One without having to buy a capture card, it also works on PC allowing you to press the hotkeys to bring up the windows game menu in any game, and press the button to start streaming. It connects to your Xbox Live account for ease. And one of the cool things about Beam is that it has less than a second of stream delay, which lessens the gap so the feeling of watching a live gameplay is enhanced.

My thoughts? I love a good interface. I remember back when the PS2 was still relevant, and every time I turned that console on I saw one of the coolest menus ever. It wasn’t riddled with an online store or with recent players showing up with some kind of social media crap, it was simple and light, not much to it.

Now, as tech has developed interfaces have assimilated by falling in line with the one law of technology: it just keeps getting more complicated.

I’m lying, I made that up. But it makes sense if you think about it. Looking at interfaces from over 10 years ago, the first consoles to even have a system of navigating features had about two options to choose from on startup, and one of them was to play the game that was inside. Come back to the present, and everything is kind of jumbled onto the screen. Accessibility is the name of the game here and with all the social media and connectivity that we have now, there are almost too many features that exist and people don’t care about most of them. When I get a console, I use it to play games. I never really take the time to figure out all the things this console can do, because it’s time consuming and chances are I’ll never need to use 90 percent of what they included in the options.

It’s great that Microsoft is trying to go for speed, with the Xbox One being the slower console anyways. It’s nice that they’re going for the more traditional Xbox home menu rather than just taking you all the way back to the dashboard.

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