Xbox One and 360 Deals!! Titanfall how much???

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Talk about summer deals this is kick a*s!!

Right now you can get some pretty amazing Xbox One and 360 deals on games from Xbox Live. So I suggest you take advantage of this and grab yourself some cheap deals on games and get to playin’, you will be thankful you checked out this post and made out with some smokin deals!! Read below and spread the word.

Microsoft has kicked off a new sale on Xbox Live heavily discounting a bunch of quality Xbox 360 games–with most of these deals not requiring Xbox Live Gold–and updated the Deals with Gold promotion, discounting one of the Xbox One’s best games to date in the process.

Titanfall on Xbox One is currently 33 percent off for Gold members, dropping the game’s price to $40. With those savings, you could even pick up the $25 season pass and make a pseudo-Game of the Year Edition version of the game for yourself at about the usual price of the regular version.

More interesting are the variety of 360 games on sale as part of the Xbox 360 July Ultimate Games Sale. These deals are available even to those with a free Xbox Live Silver account, and include games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ($10), Dishonored ($7), Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($10), Fallout 3 ($5), and Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($5).

[Get the complete list. Click Here]

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