Xbox? More Like Ataribox!

I guess Atari’s making a comeback

There’s been a trend in recent years of companies bringing back the old times.

Whether it be in the form of a game reboot, remaster, or the bringing back of an old console, the trend is continuing in the form of Atari bringing back the stone-ages.

Before there was Nintendo, there was Atari. More specifically, there was Pong. You remember pong? Yeah, I don’t. I only had it on one of those plug-and-play controllers for your TV that you could get in like 2002. Other than that, my parents owned one of the original Atari 2700s that we kept in our basement hooked up to an old CRT, so I got to experience the joys of Donkey Kong, Enduro, and Mega Mania for hours on end.

You didn’t ever have one of those? Well, don’t worry. Atari actually working on releasing something that’s reminiscent of the way-too-popular NES Mini that Nintendo put out last year.

That’s right! It’s called the Ataribox! And while the name sounds like something from a 1992 world’s fair, it’s what’s on the box that’s interesting.

You would probably expect for there to be a large selection of classic Atari games to be preloaded onto the box for you to play with a USB Atari controller. Well, you’d be right, except for the controller part. We actually haven’t seen much of what to expect from this retro-box, except that it’ll come with some visual customization options (wood paneled or black and red), some USB ports, an HDMI port, SD slot, and “modern graphics” as they say.

The Box will (obviously) look like a variation of the original console, expect with much less clunk and way more sleek to it. Also, with the modern graphics will come the ability to play modern games, though we don’t really know what kind of games we’ll be able to play on a souped up Atari, I can imagine that it would probably be something along the line of a mobile-library of games ported from the Android or iOS platforms, giving us what is essentially a glorified Ouya with added benefits. Would having a selection of classic games combined with a library of mobile games be enough to carry this console to success?

There’s also the question of: Why do we need this? Then again, why do we need anything? Though you would never really expect this kind of thing to come to market. Would I buy it? Well, like many others of my generation, I was never really into the Atari-age of games, I wasn’t even alive yet. This seems like it’s sort of pandering to the middle-aged gamers out there who just need a bit of nostalgia to get a second wind in life. I’m not sure if this thing is going to sell exceptionally well, but then again, we’ll just have to wait and see. We don’t even know everything about it yet.

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