Wolfenstein The New Order Review

What did we learn from Id Software’s initial release of Wolfenstein 3d? “It’s just fun to kill Nazi’s” as explained in the video review down below. Id has done a great job in recapturing this fun in the newest release of the game “Wolfenstein The New Order”.

This game, now set in an alternate universe where the Nazis have won World War II, has the perfect combination of plot and gameplay to be flexible for different types of players. This must have been extremely thought about in development. Most strong titles try to make the gameplay adaptive to the player, but very few try to make one gameplay that will fit different types. It may seem like a shortcut to make a linear game feel more open world, but to advance the story, it is necessary to have a beginning and an end.

What the game lacks in multiplayer, it makes up for in replayability. Lets face it, no one wants to be playing multiplayer ALL THE TIME and this game focuses on that single player desire. If you replay Wolfenstein The New Order after beating it, you can unlock different choices while still keeping the skills acquired from your previous choice. This lets you expand the story a little further than you did in the first playthrough and experience more of this Nazi filled realm’s story.

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