Wii Remotes Could Have Been On Your Playstation!

Wii technology has had some mixed reviews since its debut with Nintendo. When it initially released, the controls were clunky. The Wiimotes did not fit comfortably in your hand. They did not work unless you were close and stood directly in front of the sensor. Wii technology was just not very good at the time.

However, there are some things about Wii technology that are, well, surprisingly fascinating. The technology was originally invented by a man named Tom Quinn, who planned to use it in the field of aeronautics. He was the CEO of a company called Gyration. But, Gyration did not end up being used in aeronautics at all. Instead, it landed in your living room for you to play the Nintendo releases that you love.

How did Nintendo end up with Wii technology though? Microsoft and Sony were being pretty innovative around the time that the technology was being further developed for gaming use, so why didn’t they implement some motion control as well? Sony’s use of Sixaxis tilt controls was interesting, but it seems to be used in games very rarely. Both companies also released motion senor cameras that could be used, but why didn’t they want to go further?

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