Why the CoD WWII Beta Doesn’t Impress Me

So I was feeling lazy

And I was just lounging around, thinking of maybe playing some Destiny, and then my friend comes up to me and says that he got the Call of Duty WWII beta installed on his PS4.

I was pretty bummed about not making the Destiny beta, so I was happy to get into a beta of a game I used to play. I thought, and was like “f**k it” and I turned it on. Here’s what I got out of this experience.


Oh, this is just something that really doesn’t need to exist. And I don’t know about the coincidence of Battlefield One being birthed at the same time, but I can tell you that Battlefield did the ‘old-war resurgence’ a bit better than Sledgehammer did, at least that’s what I got from playing the multiplayer beta so the dynamic nature of the game at this stage in development should be taken into consideration. There’s not even the full multiplayer experience, much less the other modes that are going to be in the final game.

But that won’t stop me from comparing the two in terms of multiplayer action, and there are many things in CoD WWII that don’t sit right with me…well, maybe just this one thing, but it’s pretty big,

It’s just Call of Duty again

I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised, but I was expecting something cool and novel instead of what is probably a reskin of Infinite Warfare but with guns from WWII. I mean literally, there’s almost exactly zero character in this game. There’s almost nothing to establish that the game is set during the second world war. Yeah, sure, buildings are in ruin and debris is everywhere, but it looks like we could be in a textbook third world country with the lack of anything that shows the time period while still working. I found myself looking at the buildings with power lines running on them and I thought to myself, “this seems about right”. It’s almost like they took a map from a previous CoD and reskinned it.

The maps aren’t really the whole thing though, it’s mostly the whole mood of the game that’s off. I mean, you look at an iconic title like World at War, a game that was released almost ten years ago, and it does it so much better. And it’s mostly due to the darker tone and lighting, I play CoD WWII and everything’s bright while being ten thousand shades of gray.

Also, there’s something about the game that makes me wonder why they made it, or who they made it for, it doesn’t make sense to me. Ok, they’re going back to WWII, but as I run around the maps and try to shoot people, it feels and controls just like any other Call of Duty would. It almost seems like they were trying to make this a more realistic thing, going back to WWII and all, I mean they even added a cool game mode that has one team do a bunch of objectives like plant a bomb, move up a tank, hold a position, but the other team has to stop them. It’s actually a fun game mode for what it is, and it’s probably the best part of the multiplayer experience, at least for right now.

But when you get down to it, all they really did is take the CoD engine and slap a WWII theme on it. I don’t know if they were trying to make a Call of Duty game, or something bigger than that. I would say that this should have been like Battlefield, but Battlefield already does Battlefield, so I go back to I don’t really know who this game is for or why anybody decided to make it. It all really doesn’t impress me and I don’t think I’m going to buy the game unless Zombies turns out to be absolutely spectacular.

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