Why Sense8 Could Be the Best Video Game EVER!

If you are fan of Netflix Original programming then you have probably already binged through the newest action/drama Sense8. If you haven’t, there will be some spoilers in this article but I will try to keep it minimal.
I personally can’t wait until the next season I would love to see more of these characters interact with each other.

But imagine if this was a multiplayer video game! Granted, I haven’t heard any plans for a video game adaptation. How awesome would it be to have an open world with each player having their own objectives but being pulled out of their reality into someone else’s merely to help them complete a task? So far in the show we have a martial arts expert, a close combat expert, a weapons expert, and a hacker. The rest of the characters seem to be the ones needing the help but they bring certain invaluable resources to the table as well.

Sense8 Trailer:

The game wouldn’t have to showcase the characters on the show, they would be able to have a new group of eight characters and still stick within the bounds of the story by following a bunch of different groups on side stories.

Having the ability to mirror your real world moves while helping someone else’s battle, interacting with each player to get their insight or necessary information to complete your objectives. This would be a game where communication with the other players and teamwork is very important. You need the full skill set of your team of 8 to complete the game. If you look back at the show, not one of the characters would have survived if they weren’t given this “gift”.

Why not, instead of playing with your friends, have the option to match up with different people in the network? The original Sense8 crew didn’t get a choice. This would be the ultimate gameplay experience and I think it would be a great addition to the Sense8 show.

Do you agree? Do you have any other ideas for such a game? Please leave your comments on your favorite social network.


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  1. I actually wanted to write an article about this. I was just checking if someone thought about this too. I love the idea, the premise of this tv show being a game is huge. They can do so much with this (game mechanic wise), it would be a kick a*s game, hope someone takes this idea seriously.


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