Why Paladins ‘Battlegrounds’ isn’t the End of the World

I’m looking at the posts I’ve got saved up, and I just have way too many articles about PUBG taking up space. I mean, I don’t want this to become the PUBG Blog, but there’s just so much that keeps popping up that I could talk about.


You know, the game that’s an Overwatch clone, but it’s not an Overwatch clone? Yeah, I don’t know either. It’s a game that’s been out in early access for the past while, and news has just come out that there is currently a Battle Royal game mode coming to the game that will be free-to-play for all. What’s the name of the mode again? Oh, that’s right: Battlegrounds…not even trying to hide it, huh?

And apparently, according to Hi-Rez CEO Erez Goren, they have been working pretty feverishly over the past few months in order to get this game mode out as soon as possible, so let’s take a look at the mode itself.

So what is it?

Paladins: Battlegrounds looks like something that’s actually trying to improve off of the failed ‘Survival’ mode that’s been available to play on Paladins for the past while. The mode originally had the same general concept as PUBG, fight to the death inside of an ever-shrinking radius that will kill you if you go outside of it. However, Paladins took it a step further and made the mode entirely revolve around teams. That turned out to be a problem, however, considering teams could only beat the other team after they won five matches, meaning, if they died immediately when they landed on the ground, they had to wait until the current match ended to respawn and potentially die immediately again.


What they’re trying to do with this new Battlegrounds mode is do essentially the same thing PUBG is doing right now, which is you have a team, you go in, and when all of you die you can exit out and queue back up for another match. Essentially, they’re editing out the rounds to make it a more streamlined experience for players.

Another thing they’re trying to do is make loot drops more ‘meaningful’, meaning…well, I’ll be honest, it sounds like they just want to take the gun ranks from Fortnite and shove them into loot crates which drop from the sky. The way ol’ Goren put it: they want players to potentially get ‘over the top’ weapons that get the old Paladins nostalgia flowing where there used to be more RNG in the mix and a lot more powerful weapons.

Looking at the comments on the trailer posted on Youtube, the feeling about this is pretty unanimous, it’s a ripoff. But I saw one commenter who had another perspective on the matter, saying that games like this and Fortnite allow the portion of the gaming community that doesn’t want to spend money on a battle royale game to still get in on the action. This guy gets it, in my opinion. Though to be honest, I never really thought about it that way.

In a way, I’m p****d how these modes are popping up now because of the immense popularity PUBG has obtained over last year, but at the same time PUBG is leading the way for Battle Royale games being the most popular, they can afford to charge money because they got there first. The other guys, Fortnite, Paladins, both their modes are free of charge, so they both offer a similar experience to players who don’t want their wallet to be thirty dollars lighter while also changing up the experience just enough so that it’s not just the same thing.

And I guess you have to admire that in these games.

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