Why is Everyone Using Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X?


Mortal Kombat X has been getting rave reviews, and rightfully so. The new Mortal Kombat franchise title has made fans rejoice, but who is the most popular character? It seems to be the fire-wielding villain, Scorpion. According to in-game trivia, the character has been used a whopping 27,486,767 times. So how does that compare to other playable characters? The second most used character has been Johnny Cage, who has been used 13,339,942 times, which is 14,146,825 times less than Scorpion. That’s a pretty huge gap between a leader and a runner-up.


So why is Scorpion so popular? People undoubtedly are attracted to his ability to use fire. Fire has been a popular choice among gamers for years. Remember when the first Pokěmon games came out and everyone was all about using Charmander? The Scorpion phenomenon isn’t much different from that. Players have always seemed to like Scorpion and we could only expect that that trend would continue. However, the gap is still fairly astonishing. Is Scorpion just a better character than the rest? We don’t think that’s the case.

The top ranked player in Mortal Kombat X is BMFBoston. The player did not use Scorpion like everyone else. In fact, they used Mileena. The second runner-up is ProphetVII with Liu Kang. Mileena users also ranked in fourth and seventh. A Liu Kang user holds sixth place. The third and ninth ranked players used Scorpion. Perhaps Scorpion is a common preference, but when used by the right player, Mileena can come out on top.


Playing Style Matters?

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