Why Dragon Age Inquisition Might Be Too Much For You!

If you have been playing Dragon Age Inquisition for a few months now you will know that the game is vast with tons of side missions.

While the general complaint that i’ve hear about Dragon Age was that the side missions were meaningless and boring, I think it brings much needed depth to the game where so many of the games out there today fail.

detail-de-call-of-duty-black-ops-10345885lwvje_1713Take for instance, Call of Duty, I love the franchise but the actual story mission, itself, is very thin. They might as well just make the game all multiplayer because most of the people don’t even touch the campaign, and with good reason. The campaign shows promise but for the last couple of releases there has been way too much needless filler that doesn’t add to the experience or the story. Most players, unless you are an achievement junkie, never even bother with the campaign anymore. Which I think is very unfortunate because they are losing focus on an awesome game with lots of promise.

I have been playing the new Dragon Age Inquisition now for about a month and tell you the truth I can’t stop there is just so much to do. Yes, I agree, some stuff gets a little monotonous like collecting tons of herbs. Almost everyone you talk to needs help getting something done. The whole idea of being a leader is to help people and ‘get their backs’ when needed. You are the Inquisitr after all!

So, all in all, Dragon Age might not be the game for you if you’re the type who likes to mindlessly run through a game shooting every little thing that moves; never really accomplishing anything. If you are the shoot ’em up, no strategy, story skipping type player then this game is not for you. But if like to immerse yourself into a character and become part of a story that changes by the decisions you make and have game that will last you more than ten hours of gameplay then Dragon Age Inquisition is right up your alley.

Do you prefer games that give you more guns blazing or do you want there to be some thinking involved?

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