Destiny: Why Bungie Should Give Us a Free Raid


Bungie recently revealed the House of Wolves DLC for their most recent science-fiction game, Destiny. Fans were initially excited for the DLC release. However, when Bungie did not include a raid in the DLC, fans became outraged. Several angry fans began flooding both Reddit and the Bungie forums, asking why there was no raid.

So are these fans right to be furious? Should Bungie give us a free raid to make up for it? We think so and here’s why:

  • Bungie promised there would be a raid. The company has been known to disappoint, especially when referring to Destiny. After promising specific content, they should have been able to deliver to their fan base.
  • Data mined images displayed false advertising. This false advertising was found when players found the House of Wolves DLC and The Dark Below DLC in the disc information in September. Fans were angry with Bungie when the data mined image was leaked and people realized that the DLC was already on the disc when it was released, but would cost players money to actually play. Bungie had already provided the DLC data in the game when Destiny released, but decided that they were going to put a price tag on the DLC anyway. Not only did Bungie try to monetize downloadable content that was already encoded in the disc, but the company also provided false information regarding the DLC.
house of wolves
Data mined screencap of false advertising in the description of the House of Wolves DLC.

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