Who Plays Strikes in Destiny 2?

Remember how in Destiny 1

you had all the different strike playlists sorted out by level, and playing through strikes were fun, you got to run through a mission, fight a boss, get some loot. I loved doing strikes because each time reminded me of the first time I ran through that strike, it was just a fun thing to do.

Destiny 2’s been out for a couple weeks and I’ve barely touched the strike playlist. And it has something to do with the improved public event system that now instead of having me go through a strike playlist, I’m running around Nessus taking down every public event I see. What happened to the strikes? And it’s not just me, other players are ditching the strike playlist in favor for the quicker and easier option.

Public events have really improved since Destiny 1. All they really had to do was make them more frequent, but they went ahead and actually made them a good source of gear for any level character. And if you can get a heroic event, that’s even better for the RNG that dictates if you get anything more than a rare item. Even if you don’t want the gear, you still get a couple tokens that when given to the right person can be put towards getting you even more gear. And all it requires is for you to wander around the maps and wait for them to pop up. I’ve booted up Destiny 2 half an hour before classes to just roam around Earth and take down a couple events before I have to leave. It’s a ginormous grind, but it’s different from the first game.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the public event system that’s been put in Destiny 2 kind of overshadows the strikes in every way.

Why do I say that? Well, this goes back to earlier when I talked about the different strike playlists that were in the first game, the ones that were separated by level, I liked them that way. I don’t like how there’s the basic difficulty and then there’s the Nightfall, there should be more variation there. But that’s not it, no, public events are better than strikes really because of how easy they are and how good the loot you get is.

It comes down to the fact that it’s much easier to roam around a planet taking on public events than it is to go through a strike playlist. For one, you don’t have to load between every event, and in the time it takes you to do a strike, you can do like three, four, five public events, and that’ll get you much more loot than the strike will.

In the end, strikes just aren’t a real viable way to get loot anymore. And if you think about it, strikes are just some sort of weird thing that falls between a story mission and a Raid. I’m not entirely certain if they need to exist anymore.

What are your thoughts?

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