What’s up with the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass?

batman arkham

Batman: Arkham Knight has been highly anticipated in the gaming community. However, the game’s season pass received a lot of mixed reactions. Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios had not released much information regarding the price or the details of the season pass, causing it to become widely controversial. Fortunately, they have finally released the information that we’ve been waiting for, and we are not disappointed.

Fans of the Batman series that are looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight use forums specifically for the game. The forums are powered by Warner Bros and can be found on their website. Warner Bros. used these forums to announce several details regarding the game’s season pass.

One of the most important things that we learned was that the season pass allows you to play as Batgirl for the first time. She will be featured in a prequel story that will both enhance and expand the gameplay. Included was this piece of artwork:

Batgirl artwork for the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass.

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