What the heck is BioShock Infinite Complete Edition!?

bioshock complete edition

The announcement that last year’s***t game from 2K, Bioshock Infinite: Complete Edition will be released for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 has been bugging me since noon today! I’ve seen this announcement from many different sources but what I wanted to know was, “What the heck is in this package?!?” I HATE when that happens!

Come to find out, the announcement was just a confirmation of previously rumored events. So it is now a definite that we will see this bundle sometime before the end of the year.

Yeah, yeah… I know… you are thinking, “JUST TELL ME WHAT’S IN IT ALREADY!?” right?

Chillax! Stop screaming at your screen… here it is:

The BioShock Infinite Complete Edition will reportedly include the main game, as well as the Clash in the Clouds and two-part Burial at Sea expansion packs. You’ll also receive extra weapons in the form of Comstock’s China Broom shotgun and Comstock’s Bird’s Eye sniper rifle, among other pieces of digital content.

I love what they are doing with this title. Years from now when you will no longer be able to get the DLCs from your old console because of “End of Life” issues… at least you will have them nicely stored in one complete box set!

For the full story, just head over to Gamespot by clicking here.

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