What Is A Specialist in Heroes of the Storm?

In Heroes of the Storm, the upcoming Hero Brawler from Blizzard Entertainment, there are many different characters from your favorite Blizzard games all with their unique classes but this one class seems more powerful than them all. Find out how to use this class to make your team stronger than ever! Here is the latest trailer of the upcoming game:

Specialists, as defined by Blizzard, are the characters who don’t quite fit into the other roles. They offer utility in ways that the other characters can’t, and they can be played in multiple ways. Some can take out minions in the jungle much easier than other Heroes, and another one doesn’t ever need to leave his base to be incredibly effective. Ultimately, Specialists strengthen your team with all of their interesting abilities.

IGN has gone over many different roles and classes; you may already know about Assassins, Supports, and Warriors and their roles on the team, but it’s time to head over and take a look at the most unique characters in the game, Specialists, and find out who they are.

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