What About the Razer Phone?

So I realized recently that I never talked about the Razer Cell phone that was revealed and subsequently released last month. Looking at it now, it looks like an impressive little piece of hardware, but for what purpose?

Razer is mainly known for their gaming gear, mice, keyboards, headsets, etc. So it was to everyone’s surprise when they bought Nextbit, a smartphone making company. Last month, they finally revealed what this purchase was all about: the Razer Phone.

It’s a big, black, brick that has a fingerprint sensor on the power button on the side of the phone, a screen equivalent to a higher-end gaming monitor, and no headphone jack. Do I have one myself? HA HA HA no. See, since the thing costs $700, I find it more appealing to keep my S7 with the cracked screen. But then, I guess you kind of have to expect this kind of this from the company that creates premium gaming gear.

So what’s in the phone?

It’s surprising that Razer’s making it a phone, but it’s not surprising that they’re making a phone for gamers. And that’s what it is, isn’t it? It’s got a 1440p screen that can refresh at rates up to 120 Hz, 8 Gb of RAM, 64 Gb of storage that can be extended to 2 TB with micro SDs, a 12 MP camera on the back and 8 MP camera on the front, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and an Adreno 540 GPU. Needless to say, this thing is absolutely packed to the brim with hardware.

On the software side of things, it’s got Android 7.1 with the hopes of getting 8.0 by early next year, along with the Nova Prime launcher preloaded. The king of it, however, is the game booster app that lets you fully customize processor clock rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. for any games you download on it. If you don’t feel like tweaking it all yourself, there are power saving and performance power modes you can enable anytime.


Essentially, Razer has made a phone with the specs of a computer. From what it sounds like, you could probably get Fallout 3 running on the thing. Although, after looking at several articles talking about and reviewing the phone, I came to the conclusion that nobody is using the Razer Phone as a gaming machine, they’re just treating it more like a super-powerful phone that can play the best mobile games smoothly.

And that bothers me. To me, there are video games, and then there are mobile games. I’ve never really lumped those two groups together because mobile gaming has carved such a niche over the years that it’s kind of become its own subgenre with very notable graphics and titles that come out every year. Third-party developers didn’t get into the market until very recently, and it’s not even like they’re developing games for mobile, they’re just making apps using licensing from the game.

When I think of a phone with crazy specs like that, I want the ability to download Steam and play some of my favorite games on the thing. When I want a gaming phone, I want there to be a USB port on the thing so I can plug in a gamepad to play FPS games that I don’t want to grope the screen while playing. I’m not saying mobile games aren’t real games, but

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