Weekly News Roundup: Week 54

So the first bit of news is just something I thought was funny.

See these shoes, these shoes are Dualshock, they are Playstation Dualshock shoes.

Okay, in name, they’re actually called PG2s and they’re made by Nike. The thing about these is that they were thought up by Paul George, some sportsball guy who plays for the Ok City Thunder in the NBA. He considers himself an avid gamer, so he wanted to brand a sneaker with Sony Playstation marks on it and a rumble feature you can turn on and off that goes off when you take a step.

They go on sale on Feb 10th for $110, but you gotta act fast if you want a pair, they’re limited edition.

We Happy Few Delayed 

This game still isn’t out?

So the highly anticipated 1960s era horror game, We Happy Few, has been delayed once again, shoving it’s April release date to more of a summer release date.

The team says they’re working to re-work the first few hours of the game, so that’s happening. Nevertheless, the gaming community stands hopeful.

P.T. Fan Remake

So remember all the way back in 2014 when Kojima was working with Konami on a new Silent Hills title and then left the company only for the game and the playable demo of it to fizzle out into the ether?

Well, now a modder by the name of SmoggyChips has released a playable version of his remake of the awesome demo P.T. in Unreal for the internet to enjoy.

Of course, it’s still a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean we can’t froth at the mouths.

VR Chat comes together

Here’s a piece of news that deals with something…outside of the norm.

So VR Chat is becoming a bigger and bigger place for neckbeards and memelords alike, drawing people to express themselves as Ugandan Knuckles or Peter Griffin etc. You would think that this all makes for a toxic environment topping the wreckage of Chernoble, but today brings a story of community.

The story goes, a Youtuber by the name of Rogue Shadow VR was playing VR Chat as a robot of some sort when suddenly, he was overcome with convulsions and descended into a seizure.

Players in his lobby noticed his avatar shrinking to the ground (due to the headset) as well as some odd noises coming from his end. They eventually figured out that, indeed, this man was having a legitimate seizure, so they cut the s**t and tried to help the guy out as much as they could from behind their screens.

Rogue snapped out of it after many moments and expressed that he was ok. The lobby collectively urged him to get some water and call a doctor. Rogue stated that he has had seizures in the past, but as a child, and he doesn’t currently suffer from epilepsy.

Nonetheless, he came out ok and that’s awesome.

So that’s it for a more offbeat news week, leave a comment down below and like the post if you did.

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