Weekly News Roundup: Week 48

PUBG mobile games

So first off, since PUBG is getting too massively popular in recent months, two mobile developers over in the west are currently developing their own PUBG based mobile games.

The two games, Army Attack by Timi Studios, and Battlefield by Tencent Studios, are both heavily inspired and branded as PUBG style games. They both take the battle royal mode from PUBG, but they’re not exactly the same game. Army Attack has a focus on naval warfare and the ability to fly around in an attack helicopter. Battlefield, on the other hand, is more like straight PUBG, battle royal on a deserted island.


There are no release date set for the games yet.

DayZ goes into beta

So DayZ has been in development for about as long as we’ve been able to measure calendar years. But that won’t stop the game from finally coming out of early access and into beta on PC and console.

That’s right! In a recent developer update, it was revealed that while there will be no more major releases this year, 2018 will be a year filled with joy and happiness as DayZ will finally be going into PC beta which will also eventually shift over to consoles.

They also said while DayZ Beta won’t be a complete experience as far as the final game goes, but it’ll be a base to build upon over the coming year, so the game can maybe eventually possibly get released in the next century.

Civ 6: Rise and Fall expansion

Well, Civilization 6 may not have lived up to what 5 did so so well, but with expansions, the game might come close.

Which is why it’s exciting, after more than a year of waiting, we’re seeing the first expansion for the game, Rise and Fall.

Besides adding in nine new leaders, eight new civs, new units, wonders, etc. some new functions have been added to the game to enhance your gameplay experience in a whole new way.

The first of which is the addition of dark ages and heroic ages. Dark ages are brought upon when you have the opposite of a golden age, your empire is unhappy, science is low, money’s in the toilet, you know how it is. The thing is, if you play your cards right and crawl your way out of the dark age, you’ll experience something entirely new which is called a heroic age. Essentially it’s just a really really good golden age with its own special bonuses to count.

Second, we’ve got the newly added loyalty system for cities. You’ve gotta keep your cities happy and that loyalty high, because if you don’t, your city will declare itself independent and it will become susceptible to other civilizations wanting to s****h it up. It really changes things up when you don’t have to assemble a death squad every time you want to expand. Pulling off politics can be satisfying.

So hopefully these new features work out, and they just might make me want to play the game again.


That’s all the major gaming news for the week!

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