Weekly News Roundup: Week 47

Net Neutrality fake comments

Remember all the crap that was flying around when Net Neutrality came into question this past summer?

Well, a guy with way too much time on his hands actually looked over all the comments left on the FCC’s opinion page and found that a vast majority of them were actually duplicate or clusters of comments for the repeal of Net Neutrality left by spam bots.

After going through all the comments, running a few algorithms, and charting the resulting data, it was found that about 800,000 of the comments left were completely unique. Out of those 800,000, it was then found that 99% of them were against the repeal, meaning that the actual opinion was in favor of keeping Neutrality. Of course, this isn’t any surprise, it’s just that the data has actually come back on it.

Loot boxes are gambling?

Following the Battlefront 2 microtransaction fiasco, Belgium and Hawaii spoke out against loot boxes, claiming that they should be considered as ‘gambling’ and thus should either be taken out of any future games, or they should become less available to children with access to their parent’s credit card info.

Nothing official has come across yet, but both Hawaii and Belgium are looking into legislation to officially classify loot boxes as such, and take appropriate action. They’ve made claims that Battlefront specifically is an “online casino” targeted at sucking the money from children’s pockets.

Bungie changes Destiny 2 XP system

People are getting kind of mad at Bungie (what a surprise…) with regards to the Destiny 2 XP system.

After becoming suspicious of the XP system after seeing large amounts of XP only amount to a small increase in the XP bar, many Redditors took to the game to do a few experiments. What they found was that when quickly completing multiple activities one after another they only received a fraction of the XP that they should have, when compared to waiting a period of time between every activity they did.

Bungie confirmed this in a blog post where they explained how the system worked:

“Currently, XP will scale up when playing longer or fixed duration activities like Crucible competitive multiplayer matches and the Leviathan Raid, and XP will scale down when playing activities that can be quickly, repeatedly chained, like grinding Public Events. We are not happy with the results, and we’ve heard the same from the community”

They went on to say that they will be deactivating the current system and will implement a new system that will appropriately give players XP for completing activities, and they will monitor these changes to make sure everyone’s happy.

Kickstarter embezzlement

Oh, the fun that can be had with Kickstarter…

Project Phoenix, a game that was to be funded by Kickstarter that started back in 2013, has been said to have been completely dead, and the funds for the project have been siphoned to make a different game called Tiny Metal.

The allegations were made by Tariq Lacy, who was hired for PR for Tiny Metal. He is accusing the creator of the game, Hiroaki Yura, of using the funds gained for Phoenix to fund his own project over in Japan. Lacy says that after Phoenix had reached it’s goal, Yura shut down the company behind the game (Creative Intelligence Systems) and immediately started up the company that’s behind Tiny Metal (AREA 35).

It’s all a bit crazy to comprehend, and Yura isn’t making it any easier with his own allegations against Lacy that he’s a toxic person who sexually harassed other employees. Yeah…it’s getting interesting.


That’s the gaming news for the week!

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