Weekly News Roundup: Week 45

Ascent: Infinite Realm

The magnificent company that took Brendan Green’s dream and turned it into the most popular game on Steam, Bluehole, is currently developing their next title, separate from PUBG.

It’s called Ascent: Infinite Realm, and though Bluehole is making it, the dev team is different from the team that works on PUBG.

But looking at this trailer, I’m kind of excited to see more of this Steampunk magic-infused world where we take to the sky to solve our differences, especially with dragons. You’ll have access to all sorts of gear like machine guns, jetpacks, mechs, flying ships, etc. And the best part? You can play it all with your friends because it’s an MMO, how much better can it get?

Hunt: Showdown and the Alpha

Hunt: Showdown, the first person monster hunting experience created by Crytek, is getting a series of closed alphas that will take place over the coming months.

Game producer Fatih Ozayram stated, “Closed Alpha will be our first chance to get player feedback, and we are really excited to see how they will interact with the game…after initial tests with a very limited amount of players we are planning to invite more and more testers with each phase. This is the first step in building a close relationship with our community and integrating their feedback into our development process, something we plan on continuing-and intensifying-during Early Access.”

You can sign up right now to be considered for the open beta, just head on over to Hunt: Showdown’s website to enter, the testers will be chosen at random. But not to worry, with more and more testers being invited with each new alpha, you’ll probably get in eventually.

Lightning Graphics Cards

I don’t normally talk about hardware, but topics like this just make my PC Gamer sense tingle.

Samsung has apparently had their nose to the grindstone for a long while, because they’ve just announced that they have developed the fastest and low-power memory known to man at this point. The GDDR6 memory.

Ok, a little less than that, but it’s still going to be revolutionary when it comes to market and it’s in every GPU available. Do you want to hear the specs? This new GDDR6 memory will apparently run at 16 Gb/s, bumped up from the presumed 14 Gb/s that Samsung was saying before.

For reference, your standard GTX 1070 has about 8 Gb/s going through it, so this is going to be double that power! But don’t take it from me, hear it from the words of Samsung: “It processes images and video at 16Gb/s with 64Gb/s data I/0 bandwidth, which is equivalent to transferring approximately 12 full-HD DVDs (of 5GB) per second.”

As long as Samsung can keep their deadlines, the memory should be coming out this coming year.

EA Buys Titanfall?

Here’s something nobody saw coming.

EA has just bought Respawn Entertainment for over $400 million. Sound familiar? That’s because Respawn is behind the two-time mecha hit, Titanfall.

Now, a lot of you are probably upset by this news, EA has not exactly been the greatest publisher on earth, but it seems like they just want to take credit for their hard work. They don’t want to intervene, and EA has said that Respawn will continue to work autonomously to produce more Titanfall, some Star Wars, and then something completely different which will be featured on the Oculus Rift.

So it doesn’t look like EA is going to shut them down like they did with Visceral recently, so the good games should keep on coming.


That’s all the major gaming news for the week.

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