Weekly News Roundup: Week 42

Another day in paradise. Let’s get right into it:

Seasons in Destiny 2

This week at TwitchCon Bungie held a panel in which they explained how exactly seasons will work in Destiny 2. As it stands now, there will be four seasons in the first year of Destiny 2, they didn’t say how long each season is nor did they say when season 2 would start. At the end of each season, a number of things will happen including:

-Clan XP gets reset, and new perks will be implemented, likely centered around one of the central enemies in the game.

-Between seasons is when Bungie will make game-changing updates like tweaking weapons and armor, adding in new gear, weapons might also be shuffled around and change types.

-In addition to tweaking gear, they’ll also reset everything that you can get from Bright Engrams, adding in new cosmetics, ships, sparrows, etc.

-Any gear added in between seasons will only pertain through the next season. Any items you get within a season will not be available in future seasons.

Hopefully, this will be enough to spice up the game a bit once in a while, it’s better than Destiny 1 but it’s still not quite perfect.

Twitch Announces New Features

This week everyone’s favorite streaming platform announced the development of some new features they’re planning to implement in the next month.

The first feature is Stream Summaries, every time you finish a stream you’ll be provided with a stats page that will tell you things like how many people came to watch you, the average time spent watching, average viewers, peak viewers etc.

The second feature is more of something designed for people who have no clue what Twitch is but still want to stream. Achievements will now be there to track your progress and tell you what to do next on your path to becoming a successful streamer with a Twitch partnership. Not entirely a useful system in my opinion, but at least it lets you feel accomplished.

New Weapon for Splatoon 2

This weekend Splatoon 2 players received a new weapon to run around with in a free update, the Range Blaster. As per the name, the weapon gives players extended range, but it will come at a cost of a lower rate of fire.

Those of you who played the first Splatoon, you’ll remember this weapon as it was released as DLC a couple years ago. It’s the same weapon, except now it has Suction Bomb as its sub-weapon and Ink Blaster as its special attack.

The Fabled Tf2 Jungle Update

After more than a year of not receiving any major updates, Valve has finally pushed out the fabled Jungle Inferno update for the TF2 community to play the hell out of.

This update brought many, many, things including a new SFM short, 5 new maps (2 KOTH, PLR, PL, AD), 4 new weapons for the Pyro, one new item for the Heavy, and a whole new set of taunts to give a new meaning to the term “pregame conga”.

Many players are flooding the game and clogging the servers so it takes forever to find one. Even if you haven’t played the game in a while, I suggest you check out this update, it’s the biggest in a while, and the content is fun.


That’s all the gaming news for the week.

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