Weekly News Roundup: Week 40

Destiny PS4 content available

Remember how annoying it was back when the PS4 got all this exclusive content for Destiny?

Well, now that Destiny 2 is out, nobody cares anymore, so Bungie and Activision have released the content for Xbox users to play with if they even remember the game exists.

And this isn’t only for the base game, all the content from the Taken King and Rise of Iron expansions will be available too. Players will have access to items like the Jade Rabbit scout rifle, the Zen Meteor sniper rifle, Venus Strike Echo Chamber, Icarus Crucible map, and more!

So if you can peel yourself away from Destiny 2, check this stuff out!

Battlefront 2 Beta has gone live

If you aren’t already in the know, DICE’s Battlefront 2 beta is now live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will remain so until Monday, October 9th. There are currently four modes available to play: Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, Strike, and Arcade. The first three are online multiplayer modes while Arcade mode is offline and features split-screen local multiplayer, something that’s all but disappeared since the days of online play came to be.

But that’s not all! Microsoft is giving the gift of free Xbox Live Gold from now until the end of the beta, so anyone can download and jump online free of charge! Albeit, there aren’t many people nowadays who own an Xbox and don’t have Xbox Live, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

Thank you, Microsoft.

Overwatch Halloween 2017 Skins Leaked

On top of the McCree and Reaper skins that were leaked last week, we got three more to behold:

What’s to say about these? Well, Mei looks like she’s a jianghsi, AKA a Chinese vampire, Zenyatta almost looks like Cthulu with those tentacles, the eyeballs are a nice touch, and finally, we have Symmetra who looks like she’s supposed to be some kind of Ifrit from WoW. All interesting and very cool, but what I’m curious to know is if they’re planning on bringing back the Junkenstein’s Revenge mode from last year. It would be cool if they did, but Blizzard probably has something else lined up that’s just as cool and fun to play.

Well just have to see…

The Miiverse’s sad goodbye

And finally, we have the departure of the Miiverse. Though we’ve known about it for a while now, the shutoff date of November 7 is fast approaching. But Nintendo wants you to know that they care, so they created one final Miiverse Community for fans of the service to gather and share their thoughts about the shutdown, or to just say goodbye.

But, in a way, the Miiverse will never leave us, as Nintendo is giving you a chance to have all your Miiverse posts sent to you via email when the shutdown does eventually happen. Just sign up on Nintendo’s website, and you’ll be able to document the time you spent posting to the thing.


That’s all the gaming news for the week!

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