Weekly News Roundup: Week 36

Welcome to another week!


Starting off with the biggest news, everyone’s favorite thing finally dropped its sequel, and it’s already clear that it’s an improvement over the first game. There’s a lot to like with the same old Destiny feel packed into a whole new experience, an extension of what we’ve had for the past three years. And the preorder bonus isn’t bad, I’m still using Coldheart while infusing it every so often to keep it fresh.

But with every good game nowadays there has to be a DLC to proceed it, extend its lifespan. So we’ve already had a sort of leak come out about the first DLC, Curse of Osiris, and it’s going to be taking place on the one terrestrial planet in our solar system we haven’t visited, Mercury. There’s no release date set yet, but all we know is from this listing on the Xbox Store, so go check it out.


So at the PAX panel last weekend, Gearbox said something that got Borderlands fans all up and excited. They said that they are currently setting about 90% of their staff to working on a new title. They haven’t said what the title is, but they did say that it’s something that “most of you want us to be working on”.

This might not be such a surprise to many of you since Gearbox has already stated that after they finished development on Battleborn they would start right in on Borderlands 3. Borderlands 2 was a pretty popular game, so let’s hope this one strikes the same chord.


Well, Sonic Mania has already come out and been met with favorable comments, but the second Sonic game that Sega is putting out this year has yet to land, but at least we now know when.

The release date is set for November 7th, and as of right now you can preorder the game, but only in physical form. There is also a Bonus edition you can purchase for a limited time that has four Sonic Forces art cards, the Sega/Atlus pack add-on, and that also gives you 13 in-game items and a Shadow skin for your character.


Maybe…probably not though.

At PAX West this year, Bethesda Executive Pete Hines was interviewed by Tek Syndicate, and during that interview, Hines said that they’re currently working on a game that they’ve told no one about. He didn’t elaborate any more on the matter despite coaxing by Tek.

Between all the stuff on Bethesda’s plate right now, it’s tough to say what exactly could be their secret project. Of course, I and about half of the world would absolutely love another Elder Scrolls game, but they’ve got too much related to the universe that they’re working on that it wouldn’t make sense. And it might not even matter since Bethesda just loves living off of Skyrim for the past six years.


That’s the major gaming news for the week!

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