Weekly News Roundup: Week 34

Huge news this week! What is it? Well, look down below my good friend!


Well, looks like the meta’s going to be changing again with what Blizzard is doing with Mercy, it’s as big an overhaul as the one they did to Symmetra way back when.

First off, they’re getting rid of that pesky ultimate, the one where Mercy can resurrect anyone within proximity, it’s gone. What’s in its place is an ultimate that when triggered boosts every aspect of Mercy, her damage, her boost ability, her ability to soar to other players, and she’ll also be able to limitlessly fly as long as this effect is on.

Sounds pretty cool, but what about the resurrection? Well, that’s not going away quite so easily, see, Mercy only really has one extra ability outside of her ultimate, so that’s why Blizzard is making resurrection a secondary ability besides the soar. Yeah, it’s going to be on a cooldown that will be ‘a while’ as Blizzard said. Overpowered? Nah, because from now on the resurrect ability will only be able to resurrect one person at a time.

These changes are set up to make Mercy a more tactical character and instead of leaving and letting your team die just so you can res them, you’ll be able to resurrect people as they die without wasting the ability.


Kind of. It’s information that has to do with the fabled title that should not be named.

You remember Marc Laidlaw? Of course you do, the guy who helped write the first two games in the Half Life series? You’d have to crazy to not know who he is, you also probably remember how he left Valve a little while ago to pursue other things. Well, there’s a little thing that he posted a few days ago that has the entire internet in utter chaos, this little thing about the very secretive Half Life 2 Episode 3

The post is in the form of a letter sent from someone by the name of Gertrude Fremont, it tells of her adventures with such characters like Alex Vaunt, Elly Vaunt, Mrs. X, and the like.

Ok, it’s just a genderswapped version of the events that were being planned for the belated closer to the series. Fremont=Freeman, Vaunt=Vance, Mrs. X=G-man, yeah you get the gist.

You can find the whole post here, but in a short summary, Alyx and Gordon journey to the Antarctic to find the teleporting ship the Borealis. After fighting through the combine, encountering Dr. Breen as a slug, and rescuing Mossman, Alyx finds faint memories of G-man from the past and goes off with him into the void, Gordon is left behind as he sees a Dyson sphere the combine built, he realizes how futile his efforts were.

To be short, we don’t know what the hell this means, why Laidlaw decided to put this out now, or if this is actually going to be canon, nobody knows.


PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, a game that has brightened so many players lives that now it’s the only game a lot of people play. Since it’s early access period began a few months ago, it’s quickly become one of the most top played games on Steam.

And with any popular game (especially with smaller arena games) it’s important to update the game with new content every once in a while. That’s why soon we’ll actually be getting a break from the current island that we’ve all come to love, and we’ll be getting the option to play on a more desert/urban map that Brendan Greene showed off at Gamescom a few days ago.

It just looks like a place where snipers think they go when they die. It’s literally perfect with all these buildings, each with so many windows to shoot out from, it’s guaranteed to be a more intense experience with 100% more close-quarters headaches than the current map.


That’s all the major gaming news for the week!

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