Weekly News Roundup: Week 26


Another week of gaming has gone by! And in my¬†usual fashion, I’m going to give you the rundown of the news that’s happened this week.


Oh, yeah! In an event that is pretty unprecedented, a game publisher actually listened to the whining community that it p****d off.

Earlier this month, Rockstar and Take-Two issued a cease and desist to the creators of the popular modding tool OpenIV, stating that it was a key player in the problem of hackers using mods in GTA Online.

The problem with that? OpenIV is mainly a single-player modding tool and can’t even be really used for developing multiplayer mods. It was most likely taken down as a move by Rockstar and TT in an effort to save their image.

But none of that matters, because they’ve come out and revoked that c&d and have stated that they will allow OpenIV to continue development as long as they abide by certain guidelines. So the GTA modding community is back baby!


Due to the insane success of the NES Mini previously, Nintendo is making a mini version of the SNES that they will release this September for $80!

You want one? I know you do! But don’t fret over the limited stock, Nintendo is planning on making and distributing more consoles than they did with the NES Mini, and will continue to do so right up until the end of 2017.

As with the N-ini, the SNES Mini will have an all-star selection of popular classic titles from the system including Super Mario World, Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, F-ZERO, and even the unreleased version of Star Fox 2 that was going to use the SuperFX Graphics chip that allowed for 3D polygonal graphics on the SNES!

So go out and preorder now! There’s no doubt that they’ll be sold out quickly!


Ubisoft has taken a page from Bethesda’s playbook and has designed a free mobile experience that’s almost exactly Fallout Shelter!

While you could be p****d off about it, you should really just enjoy it. It’s just a small little fun thing that they’re releasing to hold off fans until Origins comes out later this fall.

Like Shelter, the game will allow you to control multiple assassins that go out into the world of the Spanish Inquisition and level up, bring in new assassins, and gather resources that you can use to build up your fortress and create the ultimate brotherhood of assassins!

It’ll be free to download on iOS and Android systems “soon”. So keep an eye out!


In an unexpected turn of events, some people may be seeing keys for DICE’s Battlefront 2 Alpha in their inbox.

There have been reports from users on the forum NeoGAF that the alpha started on the 30th and has no end date. The download was also reported to have been around 7.3 GB.

EA hasn’t come out and said anything yet, and users are apparently under a non-disclosure agreement in reference to the content available.

For those who have a key, I’ll give you my email if you let me use it…


Season 3 has finally been given a start date!

But while we wait for July 30th to come around, we can play our favorite video games and see some cool Rick and Morty references while we do!

In games like Rocket League, Move or Die, Gang Beasts, and the Steam VR Home, you can see fan favorites such as Mr. Meseeks, Mr. Poopy B******e, the giant floating head, and more in the form of skins and playable characters!

Get in there and prepare for our darkest season yet!


That’s the news for the week!

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