Weekly New Roundup: Week 51

With the year winding down in just a few hours, it’s time to get the last news of the week over and done with, so here we go:

Swatting Incident in Kansas

So let’s start off with the stupidest news I’ve ever seen, the man who was shot and killed in Kansas because of the HILARIOUS practical joke going around still where gamers call the SWAT Team on each other.

Two jokers, Baperizer and Miruhcle, were playing on CoD WWII one day. After a minor disagreement over a lost match, Baperizer got so upset that he used an address that Miruhcle said was his own home address to send the SWAT Team after him via a third party called Swautistic. What happened after that was absolutely terrible, because it turned out that not only was the address Miruhcle provided not his own, but the SWAT Team actually ended up shooting a man when he opened the door to greet them unsuspectingly.

Swautistic himself actually posted on Twitter in a now-deleted post: “I DIDNT GET ANYONE KILLED BECAUSE I DIDNT DISCHARGE A WEAPON AND BEING ASWAT MEMBER ISNT MY PROFESSION”. In addition to that, the police have now taken a suspect into custody, a man from LA by the name of Tyler Barriss. It is currently unknown whether he is one of the three people involved.

This needs to stop…seriously….

Xbox Chat goes iOS

For those who have been glaring at Android users over the fact that they get to use Xbox Live party chat on their devices, glare no more.

There is currently a beta going on for an iOS version of the app, you can sign up here to get into it. there is currently no actual release date for the app, so the beta is your only choice as of now.

Don’t be an a*s, Francis…

In some more sad news, the voice actor in some of the most beloved Valve games to date, Jim French, has passed away at age 89.

You may not recognize him from this picture, but you will definitely remember his voice from Father Grigori in Half Life 2 and the ever-lovable Bill from Left 4 Dead.

Farewell Father, you were too good for this world anyhow…

The PS2 has been de-throned

So the Switch was a success, that much is obvious.

But apparently, it was so much of a success that the console has now surpassed the number of sales the original Playstation 2 had in it’s first year of existence, and considering that the PS2 is one of the most beloved consoles of all time, selling over 155 million units in its lifetime, this is astounding news.

The Switch has now sold over 3.3 million units, matching the Wii U’s lifetime sells and showing no signs of stopping whatsoever.

Nintendo…how do you do it, man?

Star Citizen 3.0

The game that will always be in development has just gotten another update.

But this update isn’t just a regular update. No, Star Citizen 3.0 offers a lot more in the form of three new moons to explore, a new landing zone for the People’s Alliance, over two dozen outposts to discover, random encounters, explorable ship wrecks, etc.

It’s a pretty huge update, and you can check out the full changelog here if you happened to have spent money on a ship to take you there, happy travels!


That’s all the gaming news for the year, leave a comment below, like the post, and I’ll catch you on the flipside Space Cowboy!


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