Weekly Game News Roundup: Week 25


Sega launched their own service, Sega Forever, which allows anyone with an iPhone or Android-based phone to download classic Sega titles from the App or Google Play stores for free. And while you don’t have to pay any money, these games will have ads running in them at all times, and for a couple bucks, you can get rid of them forever.


We all know about the shitstorm that came out of Rockstar and Take Two issuing that cease and desist to the creators and developers of the ever-popular single player modding tool, OpenIV. Their reasoning was that too many hackers and cheaters used the tool with GTA Online to create a horrible experience for everyone involved. Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

But some surprising news has come out of this, as in response to…well, the entire internet complaining constantly and leaving s****y reviews on Steam, Rockstar and Take-Two might be taking it back.

There was recently an update made to OpenIV, nothing much, just some minor bug fixes, but that means that the tool is still in development after they issued their own statement saying that they were stopping the tool completely because they didn’t want to go to court.

Maybe all that complaining actually did something…?


Overwatch loot crates are getting a little change. And trust me on this, it’s for the better.

Have you ever opened a loot crate and then slammed your keyboard into the wall? Yeah, I hate duplicates too, especially when it’s a legendary. I mean, why couldn’t it have just been another legendary?? Why????

Anyways, loot crates are going to be containing a drastically reduced amount of these hell-spawns, but what I don’t get is why they aren’t being taken away completely. What is the point in having duplicates? Is it to balance out the loot? Maybe, but it’s just d**n infuriating when it happens. Though isn’t it hilarious when it happens to other people?

On top of that, they’re going to be increasing the chances of getting currency from crates, since whenever you get duplicates you get 15 gold (definitely a fair trade, right?)


PC Gamer interviewed Bungie’s PC Lead, David Shaw, on the PC version of Destiny and how the game, in general, is coming along.

There were many aspects that he couldn’t talk about yet, but he did say that since the PC version is going to be coming out six weeks after the console versions, that time will mainly be spent to finesse the port and make sure it’s perfect for PC users.

He said that with the first Destiny, they heard the community’s pleas for a PC version, so they’re taking their time with it, and they’ll even have some extra content just for these users.

And he elaborated on that word, content, saying that Bungie realizes how fast the players can chew through the content in the game, it happened in the first game. They’re definitely adding in way more content in Destiny 2, with the Lost Sectors and Adventures, which takes the concepts of Strikes, but changes it up a bit. And while they may not be as long as Strikes, they still carry a sense of reward and completion and will make you want to explore more of the world around you.

After that, it was a lot of Shaw avoiding answers and saying he couldn’t say much more about what exactly was going to be in the game. But he did say something about a farm(the new hub) so that’s pretty cool, right?


That’s the news for this week. As always, leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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