Weekly Game News Roundup: Week 23

Oh, boy

Here we are at the end of another week! That means it’s time to get the rundown of the major news that happened over the course of it:

Project Scorpio Dev Kit

In the beginning of the week, we were greeted with a special video that had Major Nelson interviewing Kevin Gammill, one of the devs who worked on the Project Scorpio developer kit.

In the video, they go over the reasons behind some of the features that were included in the dev kit, their process of how they developed it, and how useful it is for game developers compared to other dev kits. Other than the short digital recreation of the kit we got a while ago, this is the first real look we’ve had at the Scorpio since it was announced.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Leak

On Wednesday we got an image posted on Imgur that showed a game card for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed. The card was for the gold version of the game which will include an extra mission (Secrets of the First Pyramids) as well as a Deluxe Pack and a Steelbook case to house the disk in all its glory.

It’s not likely that this card was faked due to the intense detail that even includes Target information referring to a free $5 card with the pre-order, and the extra info next to it. Looks like those rumors have been rendered true.

Check out the article I wrote about it here!

The Backwards Compatibility Debacle

Now this one isn’t as much news as it is just…well….a clarification? I don’t know.

But a couple days ago a website by the name of Ars Technica posted an article containing data that they supposedly gathered from over 900,000 Xbox One users that showed that only about 1.5 percent of players actually used the backward compatibility features that have been and will be added to the Xbone.

Though this looks plausible, it’s actually not according to Mike Nichols of Xbox who tweeted out the next day that this data is incorrect and while he didn’t show a graph he did say that roughly 50% of players play backward compatible games and so far there are over 500 million hours of back-compat played.

The skew in the data is most likely due to limitations of the sample size, considering that only 50 percent of players use it, it’s possible that most of the data came from people who haven’t played a back-compat game yet.

Twitch Adds Some Features

A little while ago, Twitch added in a feature for Twitch partners that allowed their viewers to buy whatever game they were playing directly through Twitch. It’s meant as a way of cutting out the middle man and making it too convenient to buy games it would be foolish not to.

Now, they’re planning on extending the feature to Twitch Affiliates, those who aren’t quite Partners but can still make money through the tipping feature. When this feature initially launched it contained around 50 games, Twitch is planning on extending the library in lieu of this extension.

Blizzard and the Leavers

Everybody hates those dicks who leave matches early, Blizzard hates them even more.

Jeff Kaplan has even gone so far as to say that he just doesn’t want those kinds of people to even play the game, which explains why Blizzard is planning to crack down even more on leavers by implementing a system that counts how many seasons of competitive you’ve been banned from and at a certain point will just ban you from playing competitive ever again.

Of course, not all leavers actually leave conscientiously, they might have miss-clicked (that’s f*****g rare though) or their connection could have just dropped out. Still it gives a massive incentive to never rage-quit and actually finish your game despite how bad you’re doing.

A Free Payday

And finally, just a little reminder for those who haven’t logged on to Steam or the internet in general in the past few days.

Payday is available for free on Steam right now, and as opposed to something like a free weekend you can actually install the game and keep it forever, you’ll never have to pay a day (ahhh!) for it.


That’s the news for the week! Be sure to check out the links to the articles and leave a comment or a like if you feel so inclined.

Catch you later Space Cowboy.

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