Watch Dogs Sells 4 Million Copies in First Week, Needs 2 Million More to Match Assassin’s Creed’s Lifetime Tally

After breaking launch day sales records for Ubisoft, the publisher announced today that its open-world action game Watch Dogs sold through more than 4 million units during its first week. Sales at that level make Watch Dogs the “best-selling new IP at launch across the video game industry.” Not only that, but Ubisoft says Watch Dogs is now its best-selling game of all time in terms of first-week sales.

Congratulations are in order as Watch Dogs sells 4 million copies of the much anticipated game! This game has such a novel twist on open world games but it leaves a lot to be desired. The game DOES break some ground in the gaming community and Ubisoft gets a lot of the gameplay correct making such an impact that a few features may actually become a game standard. Did they do anything wrong, though? Gamers are finding that Watch Dogs may not be living up to all the teasers, trailers, and expo hype as stated in this Watch Dogs review.

 Click here to see what Ubisoft has to say about the sequel.

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