Watch Dogs Review

Why are gamers in an uproar about the release of Watch Dogs? Watch Dogs sold 4 million copies in the first week; so why are we so peeved? I looked to good ol’ Angry Joe to get the answer. This review is not as angry as you would think. Joe goes onto say that the game was over-hyped (like that doesn’t happen often) but still fun to play. While the hacking can be annoying at times, the open world was unique with unique game mechanics that we found that set the game aside. See the review below for more:

The phenomenal voice acting aside, the character building wasn’t great. There was a lot to be desired from this hacker vigilanti that we were playing and it feels like you never quite care about him as he puts his friends and loved ones in danger… Kinda like a Douchebag Batman. I will have fun playing this game but if you are looking for an in-depth plot and a rewarding hero-type experience… I guess we will just have to wait for Arkham Knight.

Joe goes on to say, “The open world feels alive” but the major complaint was that the game was just a setup for a sequel, which leaves the story and missions feel less significant and the open world had a lot of restrictions. But hey! At least the mini-games are fun and still gives this game a 7/10 despite it’s fallbacks.

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