[VIDEO] Wasteland 2 Comes To Xbox One

wasteland 2
Wasteland 2 a very successful RPG that was crowd funded on Kickstarter is making it’s way to the console this year with added content!

There has always been a big argument in the gaming community about PC based RPG’s games being just as good on a console as a PC and that argument is getting tougher to fight with advancements in the tech that is used in the new consoles but one thing remains is a PC will always be far superior to a game console because it is not limited to tech upgrade like a console is. Though the drawback for the PC is that a top of the line gaming PC can cost you thousands where a console is ready to go out of the box for a few hundred bucks.

Lets see for ourselves and head over to the next page now and watch: Wasteland 2 Is Coming To Xbox One and view some of the features and gameplay.

Looks pretty amazing

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