[VIDEO] Visit GoT Westeros Rebuilt In Minecraft! It’s Massive!

Warning do not attempt a Minecraft build like this on your own! Unless you have nothing but time on your hands for the rest of your life.

This build is truly amazing there is none like it. I have never seen something this massive created in Minecraft before. There are currently 125 active people working on this project all on there own will and you can join them if you want or just watch in awe. I say join and become part of Minecraft history!

The project is called WesterosCraft and the project lead is Jacob Granberry. Head to the next page now to watch this spectacular project in motion; narrated by Isaac Hempstead Wright and if you don’t know who that is we will explain. Welcome to Westeros Rebuilt In Minecraft!

Freakin amazing

[call_to_action color=”black” button_text=”NEXT PAGE” button_icon=”arrow-circle-right” button_icon_position=”right” layout=”vertical” button_url=”2/”]WATCH: Welcome to WesterosCraft featuring Isaac Hempstead-Wright[/call_to_action]

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