[VIDEO] This Jak II Remake Will Make You Moist In Your Eye Spots

jak ii
If i didn’t already tell you, you might think this was a scene from the latest game on a next gen console…

So would I and we both would have been wrong. The picture above is a pre-alpha screenshot of a fan project to remake ‘Jak II Renegade’ in an HD format not even close to the latest redesign that the publishers, Naughty Dog, came out with. Let’s take one more look without the Michael Bay lense flare, shall we?

jak ii no lense flare
These pictures were done well enough to be works of art all by themselves but believe it or not, these are stills are from a demo taken that can only been described in the video from which it was created. Continue below to watch the full preview.

I can’t wait to yell “Shut up and take my money!” at this guy…

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