[Video] The Truth About The New Evolve Release…

Evolve just got the smack down from the boys over at Smosh Games and I can’t stop laughing for the life of me!

We all know that Evolve was officially released on Tuesday February 10 and it didn’t long at all for the Smosh Games Honest Trailer to come out. Taken from The Left 4 Dead series, Evolve is pretty much based on the same concept except you’re not fighting Zombies this time. Instead we get a four-on ‘rejected Pokemon’ battle. Evolve could of done a little more, and I’m not quite sure what all the development time went toward and PLEASE tell me what was the point of having an open beta if you aren’t going to fix and tweak mechanics until after the game is released?

Now it’s time for judgment day and head over to the next page and watch Evolve Gets An Honest Trailer and see what Smosh Games has to say about it.

Honest Game trailer really has NO filter! lol

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