[Video] The Most Epic Battle Of All Time Mario VS Minecraft! Who Wins?

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Lets take Look at the stats here and see if we can’t predict what the outcome might be before watch this epic battle of the titans Mario VS Steve of Minecraft.

In one corner, we have the the most famous video game plumber ever to stand the test of time; crossing over from the 2D world to the 3D and dominating and still to this very day! Mario is his name and he has multiple powers in his fighting arsenal. Like Fire and his trusty hammer that he used to take down the infamous Donkey Kong. Steves strategy: Mario does have one weakness and if Steve can get two hits in, one good hit in to make Mario small that will leave Mario vulnerable and another hit to take him down. That would be my strategy also if I was fighting Mario.

In the other corner, we have the best crafter in the universe, as a matter of fact, Steve has crafted many universes including the on he resides in. Steve doesn’t have any magic powers but can craft any weapon as well as defenses against Mario’s fire and hammer. Steve is no stranger to fighting either. He has taken down many Creepers and Spiders in his time, especially at night.

The battle will be close and is very tough to predict but if Mario can produce a Star it’s curtains for Steve and thats why I predict Mario because at that point for seconds he will be invincible. Let head over to the next page now and watch the fight of the century.

Mario VS Steve Who Wins?

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