[Video] The Floor is Lava! Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

Everyone eventually gets bored of playing the same style games all the time. Sometimes we need a game that brings the freshness! Sunset Overdrive has the unique gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat… Shoot zombie and other baddies in this fast paced game that takes grinding quite literally.

Interviews and gameplay footage here:

In this in depth interview, you’ll see some pretty cool fighting scenes and get a glimpse of what this game is all about. “This is a game where you can be who you want to be.” says Insomniac Games’ Brandon Winfrey in a Gamespot interview from PAX. Shooting and running is pretty much what this game boasts; staying on the ground too long will probably get you killed. The game looks real cool, with mechanics such as style points and lots of sliding, it seems like it takes strong influence from EA’s Bulletstorm. Still, with unique artwork and beautiful beach-like setting, I can’t wait to check this game out and hopefully it will be a lot better than Bulletstorm!

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