[Video] ‘One and Done’: The First To Beat Crota’s End Hard Mode In 27 min.

Bungie needs to rethink their hard mode for Crota’s End! The DLC was just released on Wednesday and it was beaten is about an hour.

This is supposed to be for the hardened Destiny players and not the faint of heart. Either ‘One and Done’ are just that good or the Crota’s End Hard Mode mission ain’t that hard. lol We can see from this video that you don’t even have to even physically play the game to level up. I think Bungie is slipping a little bit on this one.

We will let you decide. Go to the next page now and watch for yourself as this Destiny first team of six ‘One and Done’ Beat Crota’s End Hard Mode In 27 min.

Holy crap that’s a lot of enemies

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