[Video] Mortal Kombat X: Join in on an all out MKX War!

Mortal Kombat has been throwing down for over 20 years and has sold more than than 30 million copies and Mortal Kombat X is going to be one the best fighting games in 2015 hands down.

First we need to prepare you for what is to come, you can’t defend the realm without knowing a little history about it… Mortal Kombat first appeared on the gaming scene during the Arcade days back in 1992. It was released by Midway (which the is no longer a company) but that almost didn’t happen. The original game was to be based on a fighting game with Jean-Claude Van Damme, thank God that fell through because it was reworked into the Mortal Kombat game we all know and love today… Did you know Mortal Kombat was the whole reason for the video game rating system? Because of the game’s b****y finishing fatality moves the ESRB rating system was put in place.

Now you know a little history on Mortal Kombat you need to head over to the next page now and watch the new video Mortal Kombat X Why You Need To Play!

Join in on an all out MKX War!

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