[VIDEO] Jason Voorhees Is Back! Friday The 13TH The Video Game

Jason Voorhees is coming back in more ways than you think! Holy crap! I can’t believe what i’m hearing but I guess I better get prepared and get to Crystal Lake. Ready to old machete and hockey mask?

It was announced the other day that there will be another Friday The 13th game coming out and not only that but a new T.V series and another movie as well. Number 13 maybe to finally wrap things up but, thats the problem, you can’t kill Jason. No one has ever accomplished this; so it may never end. He has even been to Hell and fought Freddy for gods sake! So lets get to the point. What’s up with this so called new Friday The 13TH game?

The new game is in development and supposed to come out later this year around October. We have heard that the Horror genre game will be a multiplayer/co-operative style game were a few players will be fighting to survive from the iconic Jason Voorhees and another player will actually get to play Jason. How awesome is that? The more I hear the more I want to play!

You Might Not Survive… Take a look at the MUCH older NES Game and get more info on the NEW Friday The 13TH The Video Game on the next page.

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