[VIDEO] Intense Need For Speed No Limits Gameplay Teaser For Mobile

EA announced back in November of 2014 that it will be releasing Need For Speed No Limits.

This is not some port of a NFS game here people! Need for Speed No Limits will be designed from the ground up for your favorite iOS or Android device. Smartphone and mobile gaming is changing as we know it, It’s not just Candy Crush and Bejeweled anymore. The full titles we are getting now, such as X Com and Grand Theft Auto, are cool but they are really just ports of games. More and more companies are getting into developing for the mobile platform and I’m what they are able to do with the graphics and touch controls.

I have played a few racing games on my Iphone in the past and was never truly amazed on how it looked and handled but I think this Mobile racing game is going to change that. You have to see the new car choices and graphics on the next page!

Watch the gameplay teaser below!

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