[VIDEO] Godzilla 2015: Meet All the Kaijus


The Godzilla franchise has had an incredible following since its film debut in 1954. With a long history, it was only natural to make video games featuring the monster from the big screen. The newest game announcement has been titled after the classic, called only “Godzilla,” and will be released this summer. It was believed to be a Japan-only release, but it has been confirmed to release in North America as well.

Kaijus have been an important theme throughout the Godzilla franchise. Kaiju is simply the Japanese word for “monster.” However, Godzilla himself, and most of his nemeses, are actually daikaiju, meaning they are giant monsters.

The game is supposed to delve into the history of the kaijus a bit more, so if you are interested in their origins, Godzilla might be a game for you to add to your summer wishlist. It will retail for $59.99 upon release and will be available on PS3 and PS4.

You can see all the new kaijus in this video from IGN:

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