[VIDEO] Dying Light Loot Cave and Destiny Easter Egg, Here Is How To Find It!

Dying Light Loot Cave
Since the release of Dying Light on January 27th there has been a lot of buzz about the game and with only a couple of days in we have found our loot cave.

We hear there is a reference to Bungie’s Destiny loot cave as you approach the secret cave. Nice a little ‘what’s up now’ to Destiny! Dying Light is breaking the boundaries when it come to open world Zombie games for consoles and hopefully you downloaded your copy on the 27th. If not what the hell you waiting for? You Scared? lol

Lets head over to the next page now and check and see what the Dying Light loot cave has to offer us and how to hell to even get there!

Did you find the loot cave yet?

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