[VIDEO] Dying Light Live Action Parkour Video.

If your going to do a POV Parkour video you might as well do it right… with Zombies. At least thats what what the people from Ampisound believe!

Inspired by the upcoming Dying Light game which, in a way, you kind of out run zombie Parkour style, these guys figured “What better way to show some love then to do an actual Dying Light live action Parkour video POV style?” Shot from the rooftops in Cambridge UK, watch what its like to run from the zombie horde. This is priceless what a great setting for this video.

The video has already hit 1.5 million in the past couple of days and shows no signs of slowing down at the moment. I suggest you go and watch it now on the next page and see for yourself how awesome this video is!

See what the hype is about on the next page!

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