[VIDEO] Bungie Sends Message to Loot Cave Seekers

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We all know the Loot Cave is empty, or is it? It seems that Bungie has left us a message in that famous cave of loot and an eerie one at that! Lets go and visit the Loot Cave in Skywatch and see what awaits us there.

Don’t be scared now and go to the next page and watch the video!

Did You Get Bungie’s Message? Click here to see what it means!

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  1. If by slick you mean grimey, money sucking leeches that don’t deliver on their own hype by releasing a game which clearly lacks any substance; then yes they are some slick bastards!

  2. It’s an ALL Rng game. That’s why they should have left it. Most people couldn’t use the cave for more than an hour before boredom set in and they went to do crucible, bounties or strikes anyways.
    Personally I saw 30or so blues and no purples.

  3. Yeah kinda mad. How did you tell?
    If you followed the game’s development and hype leading up the the release; and now believe that they delivered, you’re a fool.

    Still have sunk 200 hours into it though 🙂

  4. i like destiny ok but i never fall for the hype if titanfall and watchdogs didnt teach people that idk what will and for the money hungry thing thats all game devs these days i expect nothing less of them lol

  5. It definitely feels like they cut A LOT. Theres so much more concept art than there is game. Even the grimoire cards seem convinced its a different game.

  6. L***o there is so much to do In destiny . Stop being a whiney b***h and quit the game if you don’t like it . No one cares about your anger towards destiny .


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