[Video] Action Packed Exo Zombies Trailer ft. John Malkovich

One week left until the new Exo Zombies Mode drops on the 27th; Activision and Sledgehammer games decided to tease us with this new “ready-for-action” trailer. The More I see the more I want to play it!

But like everyone else I just have to wait. The new Exo Zombies Havoc Trailer shows a lot of actual gameplay which looks pretty amazing; especially when using the new sawed off triple barrel energy shotgun. Hopefully you bought the season pass so you will be ready to rock some Zombies on the 27th.

I hope you’re fired up and ready for new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC to come out on the 27th but for now I suggest you head over to the next page and watch the new trailer!

Zombies smart enough to use Exo suits? I guess they’ve evolved?

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