[UPDATE] Bungie Responds to Destiny Reviews

destiny events

Gamer Demon has recently put out a commentary about a review on Destiny. We asked fans of the game what they thought of the review and the majority of people were upset about what this one reviewer had to say about the game.

Come to find out, fans are more upset about Destiny reviews than Bungie is. Bungie has put out a recent update on their website; along with noting and explaining the new hotfixes and announcing some new events, they have also comment on the feedback they have been getting from players and critics…

See what they had to say about the negative feedback they have gotten from players and critics. (Click Here)

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  1. Kinda sux otger players don’t wanna team up pr anything its like playing borderlands/dead island others just do their own thing

  2. They released a half assed games most commonly relates to PC releases. This is not a game that has been in development for 10 years. I love the premise but they failed on delivery…….. I had the highest hopes for this game but it is so flawed. For a console title I expected everything they hyped us up for. I hope they get it right with dlc but really?

  3. Unless they decide to release some actual plot for the game, they won’t fix my issues with it. Seriously, these guys are known for their amazing stories in the Halo universe….so what happened, here?

  4. They should have a crucible thing where its just scout rifles like in halo with the dmr, and if you want the sniper you have to find it where it spawns, and rocket launchers…


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