Upcoming Destiny 2 Updates

It’s only been a few days since Destiny 2’s release

But fans are already making great memories climbing up to the max level and grinding to the top of the power level cap. It’s all pretty awesome, but wouldn’t you like to hear about what’s coming up in Destiny 2’s future? We now have the entire month planned out for what update is being put out when. Check it out below:

As you can see, launch week brought us the first Nightfall, Flashpoint for EDZ, and the actual game. The next three weeks are as follows:

Week 2

Tuesday: The second Nightfall (The Inverted Spire) and the Nightfall guided games beta begins, and Flashpoint comes to Nessus

Wednesday: The first raid, Leviathan, launches

Friday: The Trials of the Nine Countdown on Eternity begin and Xur will make his return at the tower

Week 3

Tuesday: The third Nightfall (Exodus Crash) launches as well as Flashpoint for Io

Friday: The Trials of the Nine Survival on Altar of Flame begins and Xur comes back to the tower

Week 4

Tuesday: The fourth Nightfall (The Pyramidion) launches with Flashpoint on Titan and the Leviathan Raid guided games beta. Finally, the faction rally begins

Friday: Trials of the Nine Survival on Emperor’s Respite begins and Xur comes back again to the tower


I have to say, with all this coming just in the first month, I’m pretty excited. And even though I’ve already finished the main story missions, I know there’s still plenty to do out there, this time Bungie packed the game with a lot of stuff for you to do once you’ve maxed yourself level wise. It’s not at all like Destiny 1 where you finished the short campaign and all you were able to do then was either play a strike or have a go at the crucible, roaming the worlds was ultimately pointless and scored you nothing better than the scrap you made out of the low-level weapons you found in chests found in one of like five locations on the map. No, in Destiny 2 I go out and explore the worlds and feel like I’m doing something, I’m not bored, I have a sense of adventure, however small. Between the countless enemies spawning and public events that you don’t have to wait 45 minutes for, there’s plenty to do here. I mean, public events happen every minute! Multiple events go on at once all over the map, you just have to find them. And despite not getting a sparrow until the end of the campaign, these worlds are pretty nice to explore.

All I know is, I’m excited about the first DLC whenever that’s coming because then the max level will increase and I’ll have new heights to reach. Although you have to wonder if that matters much since most of the enemies you meet are tailored to your abilities and are thus perfect matches for your damage output.

Nonetheless, stay tuned for more Destiny 2 articles, god knows I’m not done with them.

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