Ubisoft Returns To ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ After A Year Off

It must be something in the water.

Or maybe Battlefield was the start of a new trend.

Whatever the reason, we are now engulfed in what seems to be an era of “wait, wait, wait…let’s go back for a second” in video games.

It was a pleasant surprise to see DICE and EA put out Battlefield 1 last year. A lot of the armchair critics of the world have been saying it for a while now that developers of the top triple-A titles need to up the quality of their games, think about what they could do, and that’s kind of exactly what they did there. World War One was a solid choice I guess, I mean not too many games have ever been focused on that era so it was nice to see an interpretation that was realistic enough to feel authentic, but fun enough to be a console shooter. But looking back at all the WWII games that have been made over the years, shouldn’t we revisit that with the technology we have now?

The answer is yes, and the answer is also CoD WWII, the game that will return Call of Duty to the reason it became a franchise in the first place. Great, so now two developers of the most popular video game franchises are going back to the basics, what next?

I’ll tell you what next, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the next Assassin’s Creed game in the series, apparently.

Yes! Believe your own eyes! It looks like we’ll be getting a prequel to the critically acclaimed saga of Desmond, the time-traveling globe-trotting assassin, who died four years ago but apparently isn’t needed to continue the story of ancient Assassins and the Creeds they follow.

Last week, WWG ran an article displaying the name of the game and intel that the game will be set in Egypt and will contain naval mechanics just like in AC3 and Black Flag. Today brought forth even more information, however, as a Reddit account posted a screenshot of what looked like a computer running a build of the game:

The account only existed for a little while before being deleted, but the screenshot lives on.

You can see in the shot that the player is on a boat (hence the naval mechanics) and he has equipped a shield on his back. If you look really close, you can see that there are two objectives in the upper left corner of the screen. The main objective is to “assassinate the crocodile” while the current objective is to “follow Shadya to Khenut’s Villa.”. Who the hell is that? Where is this crocodile? Only time will tell.

Needless to say, there’s not really any more information about the game right now, but it is expected to be revealed at this year’s E3, and is also set for a fall release, and with this year’s being the first open to the public it’s going to be a hell of a time with all the new stuff being thrown around with the Scorpio, CoD WWII, all the upcoming Switch games, and now this.

I have to say, this looks good. I mean, Ubisoft did take a year off from the series, so I’m guessing a lot of work is being put into this. When a developer cranks out a triple-A title once a year it’s no secret that quality starts to decline a little. And it takes all forms, story, graphics, gameplay mechanics, bugs, glitches, the like. Hopefully, they’re going to make this the best Assassin’s Creed of all time.

So what does this mean for gaming in general? I mean, it looks like we’re finally heading in a direction that won’t p**s everyone off, and some certain game franchises might finally cease to be jokes, maybe we’ll get some quality games out this year.

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