Ubisoft E3 Rundown!


And today it was Ubisoft who took the stage and revealed what they are planning to release this year, so let’s give you a run down:


You had to know that this was coming first.

So good old Ubi revealed some new info, including the reveal trailer and what will be included in certain versions of the game.

They revealed the $800 Collectors version called Dawn of the Creed which will include the Gold Steelbook version of the game, a statue of the main protagonist (Bayek), a world map, some lithographs signed by artists at Ubi-Montreal, the soundtrack to the game, and and (of course) the season pass.

There will be other versions of the game available at price points of $160, $120, $110, $70, and the base game for $60. Check out the links below to see more information about what will be included in each version.

GODS Collectors


Steelbook Gold

Dawn of Creed Collectors

Dawn of Creed Legendary


I don’t care what people say, I liked The Crew. It was really fun how it let you buy from a variety of cars and then just told you to go across a replica of the United States to conquer each major city.

Now that game is getting a sequel, and the gameplay trailer is pretty freaking cool!

Between driving souped-up racing machines through opened up cities, controlling the world’s fastest boat through winding waterways, dipping and diving a plane between buildings, and a warping landscape…..this looks like it’s going to be ten times what the first game had to offer, so I’m pretty excited for that!


This little beauty of a trailer shows how you can work together with Grace, your hired gun, Boomer, your hired bite, Nick, your hired air raid, and your friends via co-op to take back Hope County and disband the cult that’s been holding it with a tight grip.


The prodigal sequel is finally on the horizon!

Since the release of Beyond Good and Evil over a decade ago, fans have been waiting for the inevitable return of the title.

Honestly, I was f*****g blown away by this trailer. I mean, I’ve never seen such animation…it’s….I have no words. It’s g*****n amazing.

But it’s not the graphics you should be excited for, this game is going to actually be a prequel set before the birth of Jade, the heroine of the original game. I’m not going to go into full detail on the trailer, but the man behind it all, Michel Ancel, did in this video here.

Those are the major announcements, but there were more games that were teased like the crossover of Rayman’s Rabbids and Mario in Kingdom Battle:

The weird and cooky VR game, Transference

And Skull and Bones, which is just the sailing mechanics taken right from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag put into its own game.


Yeah, that’s what Ubisoft had to offer this year. What do you think? Are you f*****g stoked for one of these, two of these, or all of these? I know I am!

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